Sedgwick to Host 2015 Hot Topics Seminar for the Bermuda Insurance Market

Sedgwick Events
October 2015

On October 1, 2015 in Hamilton, Bermuda, Sedgwick will host the 13th Annual Hot Topics Seminar for the Bermuda Insurance Market. This half-day program will present timely updates on domestic and international legal issues concerning the Bermuda insurance industry, featuring:
  • “In the Beginning: Strategies for a Successful Arbitration”
    Mark Chudleigh, Sedgwick Bermuda
    David Murphy, Sedgwick London
  • “Cyber Reality: Are You Asking Your Insured the Right Questions About Cyber-Claim Preparedness?”
    Cinthia Granados Motley, Sedgwick Chicago
  • “Threats to Liability Insurers of North American Risks”
    Richard Geddes, Sedgwick Chicago
  • “What’s the Deal With Fracking: An Update on Litigation, Legislative and Exposure Issues”
    Greg Lahr, Sedgwick New York
  • “Medical Malpractice and Long Term Care: Claim Trends Today and What May Be Coming Tomorrow”
    Diana Karnes, Sedgwick Chicago
  • “Yes, We’re Still Talking About This — Latest Trends in Wage and Hour Claims and The Potential Impact of The Department of Labor’s Employee Misclassification Guidance” Jennifer Quinn Broda, Sedgwick Chicago
  • “Up, Down or Sideways? The Recent Direction of Securities Class Actions and What Plaintiffs’ Firms May Be Considering to Compensate”
    Eric Scheiner, Sedgwick Chicago