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E.W. Pearman Building 20 Brunswick Street Bermuda, HM 10
Main Phone: 441.296.9276 Fax: 441.296.9277
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Sedgwick is affiliated with Sedgwick Chudleigh Ltd., a limited liability company incorporated in Bermuda and approved and recognized under the Bermuda Bar (Professional Companies) Rules 2009. “Partner” is a title referring to a director or an employee of the company. A list of such persons can be obtained upon request. Sedgwick Chudleigh was established in April 2006 by Mark Chudleigh, a Bermudian barrister and attorney.  

Sedgwick and Sedgwick Chudleigh work together to offer clients in-depth knowledge and expertise in all aspects of insurance and reinsurance law.  More information about Sedgwick Chudleigh is available online at

Located in the historic E.W. Pearman Building on the corner of Brunswick and Dundonald Streets, Sedgwick Chudleigh is in the city of Hamilton and within easy walking distance to the Bermuda Supreme Court and most Hamilton-based companies.