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Sedgwick has come a long way from its modest beginnings as a two-attorney law firm to our current status as an international trial firm with 14 offices, dozens of practice areas and more than 250 attorneys worldwide. 

The firm that would become Sedgwick LLP was founded in 1933 in San Francisco and continued to grow through the 1930s and 1940s, expanding its service offerings and solidifying its reputation as a trial and litigation firm. The 1950s represented the emergence of the first multiplaintiff consumer litigation. Sedgwick was chosen to represent Cutter Laboratories in the polio vaccine lawsuits that filled the courtrooms during most of the 1950s. The firm name Sedgwick, Detert, Moran & Arnold was adopted in 1959 and shortened to Sedgwick LLP in 2011.

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Meet the Executive Committee

Michael F. Healy Chair of the Firm San Francisco
San Francisco 415.781.7900
Eugene Brown, Jr. Chair, Complex Division San Francisco
San Francisco 415.627.1570
Ralph A. Guirgis Chair, Insurance Division Orange County
Orange County 949.567.7804
Marilyn Klinger Chair, Commercial Division Los Angeles
Los Angeles 213.615.8038
Edward G. Smerdon Office Managing Partner London
London 44 20 7398 8927

Meet the Management Committee

John W. Blancett Office Managing Partner New York
New York 212.898.4012
Mark Chudleigh Office Managing Partner Bermuda
Bermuda 441.278.7160
Kimberly A. Cook Office Managing Partner Miami
Miami 305.671.2159
Ralph A. Guirgis Office Managing Partner Orange County
Orange County 949.567.7804
James J.S. Holmes Office Managing Partner Los Angeles
Los Angeles 213.615.8031
Maria K. Karos Office Managing Partner Dallas
Dallas 469.227.4677
Chris S. Marks Office Managing Partner Seattle
Seattle 206.462.7564
Eric C. Scheiner Office Managing Partner Chicago
Chicago 312.849.1973
Stephanie A. Sheridan Office Managing Partner San Francisco
San Francisco 415.627.1410
Edward G. Smerdon Office Managing Partner London
London 44 20 7398 8927
Robert D. Towey Office Managing Partner New Jersey
New Jersey 973.286.4374

Professional Management

San Francisco 415.627.1462
Craig E. Peterson Chief Human Resources Officer Kansas City
Kansas City 816.423.2100
Brandon M. Summers Interim Chief Financial Officer Kansas City
Kansas City 816.423.2160
Holly Tamisiea Chief Operations Officer Chicago
Chicago 847.920.1804
DiAnna K. Thimjon Chief Information Officer Kansas City
Kansas City 816.423.2100
Patricia L. Williamson Chief Strategy Officer Kansas City
Kansas City 816.423.2274
Maggie T. Watkins Chief Marketing Officer Kansas City
Kansas City 816.423.2215

Meet our people

Alternative Fee Arrangements

One of Sedgwick’s greatest strengths is our ability to provide the finest legal services at a reasonable cost. Sedgwick initially developed this reputation by pairing cost consciousness with a tolerance for nothing other than success. For all of the clients of the firm, we continue to be efficient, cost conscious and effective.

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Practice Support

Sedgwick attorneys are in court every day, and the legal and technical professionals that make up our Practice Support team are there to assist them in presenting the best possible case for our clients. High-stakes complex litigation requiring sophisticated technological support has driven up the cost of litigation throughout the industry. The attorneys and the Practice Support team at Sedgwick are using the latest tools, well-tested procedures, and skilled technicians to keep these costs at a minimum while maximizing positive outcomes at trial. Our internal team provides faster and more efficient services than outside vendors can offer. 

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Firm Culture

More than 80 years ago, two attorneys formed what is now the international trial and business law firm known as Sedgwick. With 250 attorneys in 14 offices around the world, Sedgwick’s collective experience spans the globe and virtually every industry. Sedgwick’s growth and expansion has not altered the core values that have defined the firm since its formation. The legacy of its founders, unparalleled client service, integrity, creativity and the highest quality legal services, continues to define Sedgwick’s core values and culture today. While our core values define us, our strength is derived from our commitment to a progressive work environment that empowers and challenges our attorneys and professional staff to achieve excellence and to effect positive change in the legal and business communities we serve. At Sedgwick, we enjoy working in a diverse environment that values individual talents, abilities, personalities, cultures and backgrounds. Our firm’s leaders foster an atmosphere in which people of all backgrounds are given access to the mentorship, education and opportunity critical to reaching their full potential.

Our firm is committed to the communities in which our employees live and work. Through our pro bono initiatives we provide services to a variety of underserved groups. Sedgwick employees regularly team together to volunteer their time and energy for local charitable institutions and causes and can often be found working with the homeless, disadvantaged and children forgotten by the system.

A collegial atmosphere was embedded in Sedgwick’s foundation in 1933, and we know that our clients are better served by a firm whose members truly enjoy working together. We are proud of our firm and will hold true to those values that have driven our success, thanks to the ongoing efforts of all of the members of the Sedgwick family.



Defense verdicts. Dismissals. Summary judgment. Appellate rulings. Our clients come to us for what we do. How well we do it is defined by our clients' successes.  


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