Sedgwick University

Sedgwick University provides formalized continuing legal education and training courses to firm attorneys of all experience levels, from first-year associates to senior partners. The programs curriculum is divided into seven schools that offer classes throughout the year on substantive legal issues, ethics, leadership skills, personal development, marketing, business finance and technology.

School of Law
The School of Law offers classes on a diverse range of substantive legal subjects intended to mirror the firm’s practices. The curriculum is strategically planned to include numerous practical training courses on "nuts and bolts" as well as advanced litigation tactics and techniques. The School of Law’s crown jewel is Sedgwick’s annual Trial Academy, a rigorous six-day immersion in courtroom practice with Sedgwick’s most senior and accomplished trial lawyers.  Our Trial Academy provides participants two tracks that run simultaneously, one for basic skills and a second covering more advanced trial techniques. 

School of Ethics
The School of Ethics offers additional, targeted coursework specifically focused on professional responsibility and code of conduct in practice of law.

School of Leadership
The School of Leadership is dedicated to providing the firm’s attorneys with the leadership tools necessary to lead the firm and its clients through the inevitable challenges in managing their business. Topics include teambuilding, communication, goal-setting, mentoring, conflict resolution, measurements and numerous other skills.

School of Personal and Professional Development
Courses offered through the School of Personal and Professional Development aim to provide Sedgwick’s professionals with training in many of those "intangibles" that are critical to success in the legal profession. The curriculum includes time management, public speaking and legal writing.

School of Marketing & Business Development
The School of Marketing & Business Development provides the firm’s attorneys with instruction on professional networking, business development and client relationships. Courses also address development of business plans, branding, cross-selling and client communication.

School of Finance
The School of Finance offers instruction in the financial aspects of practicing law, including time and resource management, firm finances, development of matter budgets and best practices for invoicing. This school focuses on providing clients with the best legal services while managing financial interests for the client and the firm.

School of Technology
The School of Technology focuses on the productive and careful use of technology for the practice of law, including case management tools, presentation software, online networking sites and courtroom applications. Sedgwick’s cutting-edge technology and training to its attorneys equips everyone with the necessary tools to provide its clients with outstanding legal services