Kirk Jenkins Authors Data Analytics Article in The Practical Lawyer

Sedgwick News
October 2017

Chicago Partner Kirk Jenkins authored the article, “Making Sense of the Litigation Analytics Revolution,” published in the October 2017 issue of The Practical Lawyer. In the article, Jenkins discusses the importance of data analytics in saving businesses time and money in the litigation process. 

“For generations, most facts that would help a business person understand the risks involved have been solely anecdotal: this judge is somewhat pro-plaintiff or pro-defendant; the opposing counsel has a reputation for being aggressive or smart (or not); juries in this jurisdiction often make run-away damage awards or are notoriously parsimonious,” Jenkins writes. “But every one of those anecdotal impressions and bits of conventional wisdom can be approached from a data-driven perspective, quantified and proven (or dis- proven). Do that, and we’ve taken a giant step towards approaching litigation the way a business person approaches business — by quantifying and managing every aspect of the risk." 

Jenkins is an elected member of both the American and California Academies of Appellate Lawyers and has been repeatedly named one of the Best Lawyers in America in the field of appellate law. He has been a member of The American Law Institute since 2006. He applies data analytics to the study of appellate decision making in two blogs, the California Supreme Court Review and the Illinois Supreme Court Review.