Sedgwick Chudleigh Wins Top Communicator Awards From Mondaq

Sedgwick News
March 2017

Congratulations to Sedgwick Chudleigh for generating the most usage from the Mondaq website for users in the Bermuda category during the month of February 2017. Sedgwick Chudleigh was recognized as the “Contributor With the Most Popular Article in Bermuda” during February 2017 by Mondaq for the article, “Sign This or Else! Economic Duress Under Bermuda Law” written by Sedgwick Chudleigh attorneys Alex Potts and Caitlin Conyers

Sedgwick Chudleigh was also recognized as the “Contributor With Most Reader Response in Bermuda” for February 2017 by Mondaq for a series of articles: A Shock to the System: Significant Changes to the Discount Rate Applicable to Personal Injury Damages Awards in England and Wales, Sign This Or Else! Economic Duress Under Bermuda Law, Do As I Say, Not As I Pay!” Trust Protectors: Powers, Duties And Removal and Directors Duties: Supreme Court Confirms Application of The Proper Purpose Rule.” 

Mondaq congratulated Sedgwick Chudleigh for competing against strong Bermuda challengers to win these recognitions. Mondaq is one of the largest global advisory content suppliers, and it annually publishes thousands of articles from over 80 countries around the world.