Alternative Fee Arrangements

One of Sedgwick’s greatest strengths is our ability to provide the finest legal services at a reasonable cost. Sedgwick initially developed this reputation by pairing cost consciousness with a tolerance for nothing other than success. For all of the clients of the firm, we continue to be efficient, cost conscious and effective.

Sedgwick’s commitment to client service focuses on results. We understand that our clients need both predictable costs and cost limitations. Effective alternative fee arrangements are best developed as part of a candid discussion between our client and our lawyer to predict a fair value for the services to be rendered. Ultimately, this arrangement must foster the long-range goals of all concerned to allow our client and our firm to work together in a spirit of trust and partnership.

Fixed or Flat Fee

Our client pays a fixed fee for a specific matter, or phase or task within the matter. Our client knows at the outset what the fee will be. This predictability allows our client to budget accordingly.

Collar Fee

Sedgwick and our client first agree to a flat fee for the provided legal services. The firm then closely monitors and reports to the client on a regular basis both hours billed and expenses incurred. Should Sedgwick’s fees significantly exceed the flat fee, the client pays the firm a percentage of the exceeded flat fee. If Sedgwick's fees are less than the flat fee, Sedgwick returns to the client a percentage of the flat fee.

Capped Fee

Our clients pay up to a specified maximum amount for a matter.


Our client makes a deposit against charges for future services and out-of-pocket expenses. Another type of retainer is where our clients make a deposit in return for which we agree to be available for a specific period of time and agree to refrain from representing adverse parties. A third type of retainer is where the retainer is used to cover a basket of legal services in specifically defined areas, for a defined duration of time.

Blended Hourly Rate

Our clients pay one hourly rate for specific classifications of our attorneys or one rate for all lawyers who work on our client’s matters without regard  to seniority.

Volume Discounts

The firm offers a sliding scale discount on rates, based on the volume of legal work, with higher discounts for higher volumes of fees collected.

Holdbacks/Success Fees

A certain percentage of our legal fees are held back, subject to being paid to the firm at the end of a specified period (e.g., six months or one year) following a report card from the client and a dialogue between the client and Sedgwick.

On-Site Legal Expertise/Secondments

A Sedgwick legal team member is located within the client’s offices for a set period of time to offer dedicated support. 

Partial Contingent Fees

Sedgwick receives a portion of its hourly rates plus a percentage of any recovery in a lawsuit. This can be used in both plaintiff matters seeking monetary relief and also in defense matters where the level of damages avoided determines the amount of the contingency.