Practice Support

During Trial

We know not every case should go to trial and that the majority of cases will be resolved before the trial stage. However, our clients have the advantage of working with a firm that has deep experience trying and winning cases, and understands the power of being ready to take a case to trial. This gives us an edge at the outset of a dispute and through virtually every step of the litigation process. 

Inside the Courtroom

Our case teams have experience inside the courtroom and know how to use technology to best prepare and present demonstrative aides that command juror attention. Sedgwick employs advanced presentation software, including Sanction and Trial Director, which enables our attorneys to persuasively present text, images, audio and video information to judges and jurors.

All of our trial technicians are certified and collectively have more than 50 years of in-court “hot seat” experience. We also utilize the latest hardware in our trial presentations. Through the use of technology such as LiveNote, transcripts can be fed to single or multiple hard-wired courtroom devices and/or to a secure internet site for sharing with clients, other Sedgwick attorneys, experts or any other member of the trial team, anywhere in the world. In the courtroom, we set up large screen displays for group viewing or provide individual monitors for the judge and jurors. 

War Room / Satellite Offices

Our Practice Support team establishes virtual offices whenever necessary, whether inside the courthouse, at a nearby hotel, satellite office building, or at a Sedgwick or client office thousands of miles away or in another country. These virtual offices are interconnected so that databases, servers and technology platforms are accessible and can be shared in real time. Our team does all the work to get these spaces up and running, from identifying locations to providing office essentials, such as desktops, phones, printers, high-speed internet connections and VPN access to Sedgwick’s network all at greatly reduced cost, compared to similar services provided by outside vendors.

We have developed a “Trial-in-a-Box” offering, which provides attorneys and other trial team members all the capabilities and support they need to present evidence whenever and wherever a trial might take place. Trial-in-a-box consists of three primary components:

1. State of the art equipment and technology
2. Logistics, process and support personnel
3. Experienced and certified trial technicians
Our trial technicians have orchestrated dozens of trial and war-room installations. We know all the necessary equipment and have built in redundancies for 24x7 operations, no matter how large or long a trial or arbitration may be. Secretaries and paralegals who go on-site at a trial are well trained by us and experienced with the specialized equipment. They are familiar with the applications they encounter and how to access them either in the war rooms or remotely.


Sedgwick trial teams combine cutting-edge technology with graphics and displays that are effective in delivering the visual argument in support of our clients’ cases. Utilizing Adobe Premiere, Adobe Flash, SmartDraw and other presentation and graphics software, we can quickly develop:

  • Charts
  • Maps with overlays
  • Video clips
  • Production cycles
  • Timelines with embedded documents
  • Time maps
  • Notated images and photos
  • Illustrations
  • Floor plans
  • Testimony callouts and highlights 

These and other graphic displays can be combined in a variety of ways to emphasize strategic points of an argument. For example, photographs can be presented side by side with witness testimony, deposition video clips, or other trial exhibits. Deposition video can be synched with exhibits, and timelines can be developed with interactive features that can be used to direct the audience to supplementary visual evidence. In addition, our team can integrate other file formats into graphic presentations, including PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Flash, HTML, Animations and AutoCAD.

Before Trial

The skills and technologies we utilize during trial can be effectively applied to earlier stages of litigation as well.

Production Applications

Sedgwick’s Practice Support team prepares all manner of electronic discovery for attorney review or production purposes. We convert email stores and native files to review formats; create OCR documents for searching; and apply electronic branding, Bates labels and endorsements. Our team also creates productions in multiple formats, including PDFs, native files, multi-page TIFFs and single-page TIFFs with load files for all common review applications.

Document Review

The time necessary to capture, review and catalog large quantities of electronic and physical documents can have a tremendous impact on litigation schedules and budgets. Sedgwick’s Practice Support team has introduced efficiencies, streamlining the review, storage, searching and sharing of massive amounts of case documents securely over the Internet, for internal and external Sedgwick users, as well as regional offices, clients, co-counsel and experts.

Technologies such as iConect, Concordance, Summation and LiveNote enable our team to quickly import all case documents, including native files, TIFF images, links to videos, depositions and more, into one database repository. Important case documents can be identified by using multiple search methodologies, including conceptual searching, and production sets for co-counsel or opposing counsel.

For large document review projects, Sedgwick deploys its own hosted platform or works with client specific hosted applications/vendors that provide clients secure access to databases from anywhere over the Internet. Sedgwick also has the color and high-speed scanner capabilities necessary to process large volumes of physical documents.

Other Services and Consulting

Early Case Assessment

In the fast-moving world of litigation technology, it is important for law firms to provide clients with a flexible program for applying technology, such as computer assisted review or early case assessment, to optimize outcomes while managing the cost of today’s electronic discovery. With a commitment to structured and defensible workflow, non-linear reviewing can result in proactive, evidence-based decisions that are well founded and contribute to case development — and do so in a fraction of the time of standard review. By using predictive analytics early in the litigation process or in anticipation of litigation, our attorneys and clients can develop an informed “settle or go-to-court” case strategy, potentially saving millions of dollars in the process. 

eDiscovery Consulting

Our Practice Support team works with members of our eDiscovery Task Force to provide consultation regarding litigation holds, custodian identification, data acquisition best practices, search term consulting, review methodologies and production of large quantities of electronic data.

Vendor Coordination and Consulting

Whenever cost effective for our clients, Sedgwick’s Practice Support team also works with outside vendors to handle and manage litigation support projects. We work with clients to identify vendors, negotiate contracts and manage data review and productions. We have worked with vendors who provide copying and scanning, binding, and blow-back services; electronic forensic collection; early case assessment; electronic discovery; and document hosting, review and productions.

Our Commitment

In the new e-discovery universe, practitioners must have the expertise to take a variety of approaches to the demands of unique data collections and a diverse client set. Sedgwick is committed to accurately determining the appropriate blend of talent, technology and processes to hold down the cost of litigation without sacrificing the concepts, skills or quality that are essential for success.