Plaintiff v. City

Appellate Ruling
March 2015

In a major case for Texas jurisprudence, Sedgwick obtained a Texas Supreme Court opinion for our clients, reversing a court of appeals opinion that had dismissed their suit under the Texas Public Information Act for lack of jurisdiction. Invoking the PIA, our clients requested information from the City of Houston to have records regarding its red light camera program released. The city provided certain documents but withheld others and requested an opinion from the attorney general regarding its duty to disclose. We immediately filed a petition for mandamus compelling disclosure. The district court granted summary judgment; ordered the City to disclose the withheld documents; and awarded attorney fees of $92K, with an additional $80K through appeal. The City appealed, and the Court of Appeals reversed the trial court and ordered dismissal on grounds the district court lacked jurisdiction until the attorney general had issued his opinion. However, the Supreme Court of Texas reversed the Court of Appeals' decision in a per curiam opinion.