Hydraulic Fracturing

Areas of focus within Hydraulic Fracturing

As the United States grapples with balancing its national energy and national environmental policies, energy and environmental groups have increasingly focused their attention on the risks and rewards of developing the nation’s natural gas reserves through hydraulic fracturing (or fracking) of our vast domestic shale gas reserves. Concerns over air, groundwater and soil contamination have prompted EPA, state regulators and environmental groups to call for renewed scrutiny of the practice and has made it a target of plaintiffs’ attorneys nationwide. Given the growing reliance on natural gas, any changes to the political, legal and regulatory landscape will have a significant impact on the industry and the nation. 

To support our clients in the insurance, energy and real estate industries in responding to issues arising from hydraulic fracturing, Sedgwick LLP has formed a cross-disciplinary and international Hydraulic Fracturing Task Force. Our Hydraulic Fracking Task Force led by senior members of our Insurance, Environmental and Land Use practice groups. The Task Force is comprised of skilled and experienced lawyers from both our domestic and international offices who regularly litigate and provide counsel on complex insurance coverage matters, defend a variety of companies in the energy industry, and handle a wide range of environmental, land use and real estate issues. Our attorneys have substantial knowledge of and experience in oil and gas exploration, geology, and environmental science.

As the rules of the energy trade continue to evolve; the number of fracked wells expands; regulation at the state and federal levels increases; and claims related to hydraulic fracturing and public nuisance stack up in courtrooms nationwide, industry leaders demand dedicated counsel who know the nuances of energy—and how to generate success. Our Hydraulic Fracturing Task Force attorneys are well prepared to advise and defend clients anywhere in the country and are available to counsel clients on the various legal, environmental and coverage issues arising out of the fracking process, and provide a full range of legal representation.