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Welcome to the Sedgwick Law Firm San Srancisco daily legal news website! If you often play in online casinos or love various online services, you need legal counseling. We will gladly share words of advice with all of our readers to make you just a little bit safer when you interact with online businesses! Here you can find info on online casinos, sports betting, and other adult entertainment forms in daily legal news


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Daily Legal News Related To Online Gambling In Legal Casinos And Gaming

I often hear stories about people who got caught off-guard by a legal issue or a fraudulent activity online. The biggest problem that these people face is that they do not know how to behave in certain situations. I offer free aid to those who think that they were scammed online or received the short end of a stick while negotiating with an online business. Don’t worry, the law is often on your side, you just don’t know it. I will also show you how you can search for casino bonuses and promotions from established websites, just like these found on RealNoDeposits.com, that are legal and won’t jeopardize your security.

Best Online Law Advice

Sedgwick Law Firm, San Francisco, CA, receives a lot of smaller inquiries about suspicious things that online companies try to pull off. Some of the legal tricks are, in fact, fraudulent in nature. However, you need to be sure that there is enough ground for a lawsuit before taking serious actions.

For example, you may go to an online casino and receive a casino bonus. After playing a couple of games, you noticed that the casino bonus is not eligible for live dealer games. It may sound like a scam. However, you need to read terms & conditions carefully and check whether the text says that you can use the bonus as you want or only on specific slots games. Luckily we have found a site where they offer more of a universal bonus. This bonus you can use on everything making all of the games free. The best deals are on the slots though, but it is important that you have the choice use on whatever you wish. You may need counseling if you don’t have enough experience to go through the whole document.

Here are five steps from Daily Legal News that you need to make:

  1. Contact the support team of the website and talk about your issue in details refer to terms and conditions.
  2. If you were not satisfied with the answer, ask for counseling from a lawyer. You may have a friend who knows the law. Do not hire a lawyer at this point.
  3. If the situation proves to be fishy, check our daily legal news site and search for solutions. Use online counseling as well.
  4. After identifying a possible scam, hire a lawyer after short counseling regarding possible outcomes of a lawsuit.
  5. Go to court if you need. However, this should be reserved for very rare cases when something big is on the line. Going to court costs a fortune!

If you have a problem with an online casino, make sure that you have all necessary receipts and screenshots of conversations with any representatives of the company. The company must provide you with all transaction data including casino bonus funds, deposits, withdrawals, and any other financial operations related to your account.

We at Sedgwick Detert Moran & Arnold LLP always advise our clients to avoid court hearings and go for a settlement. It is a much safer choice that any legal casino will gladly offer in case they are at fault. When it comes to real money, nobody likes losing!


International Entertainment Law

What you should always keep in mind is that all laws and regulations related to the gambling industry are created to protect players. Online gambling has a negative image in most developed countries meaning that governments try to regulate it and create a lawful environment in which all parties can participate safely.

However, many casinos operate according to laws and regulations of the country where their headquarters are situated. Casino operators and Forex brokers often operate from offshore regions like Cyprus or Maldives. When negotiating with these companies, you will need some heavy counseling. International legal battles are much more complicated for lawyers.

Many countries try to develop new ways to regulate gambling. It is a problem that we have to recognize and discuss like do people from Helsinki University. Psychological and legal counseling are treatments for symptoms but not a solution.

Legal Online Gambling

Daily Legal News will regularly cover topics related to online gambling. It is a rapidly growing industry that brings in massive revenues. Up to 80% of US citizens gambled at least once, over 43% of UK citizens gamble on a weekly basis (including lotteries), and there more stats proving that Daily Legal News should be focusing on this industry! People need free online counseling to gamble safely.

Note that most online casinos operate legally. Technically, you are not prohibited from gambling even if you are in a country where gambling is banned (if not stated otherwise in terms and conditions on the website or specified in legislation). You can play video poker, slots games, and other casino games without any problems.

In a typical online casino, guests receive a no deposit casino bonus, play video poker, and other casino games. They are having fun. It is why the industry is not called “casino industry.” The official name of the industry is “Adult Entertainment” meaning that as long as adults are entertained and not scammed, they are allowed to participate in gambling activities on their own accord.

Note that minors should never gamble. Less than 1.6% of adults need addiction counseling after developing a clinically recognized issue. However, the number goes up when it comes to children. About 3.9% of children develop some form of gambling addiction.

Infamous Gambling Fraud Cases

Why do you need counseling? Well, we at Daily Legal News have a couple of examples when casinos were hit with legal lawsuits.

An online casino Big Fish offered a casino bonus for free. Players could use so-called “chips” instead of real money to play a double down game. Despite being a “free game,” chips had some value according to judges. The lawsuit was filed against several companies. To avoid this type of scams, it’s crucial to engage with licensed casino sites. In that way, you will feel safe and secure to sign up for the bonus deals. Take a closer look at the top-rated casino sites and their tips on using the free bonuses for real-money games.

The recent scandal surrounding G2E, a big gaming expo, became a hot topic for our Daily Legal News website. Some regulators suspect that several companies attending the expo are scammers. What if you will be dealing with one of them? You will need legal counseling.