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What is Entertainment Law?

Entertainment law is a broad legal area encompassing a variety of topics, such as intellectual property security, recommendations, licenses, and different personal service contracts. Legal disputes may arise between celebrities, athletes, writers, and producers. Entertainment law is essential as well when arranging contracts, providing protection against authentic piracy works, and clearing up issues related to copyright.


Whether the work is published or is not, the creator may choose to protect its copyright. The protection of the work gives the one who has created the exclusive right to imitate, exhibit, and present the work. With copyright, the security begins with the date of creation of the work and expands throughout the life of the author and, in most of the cases, many years after his death.

A frequent common type of copyright preservation may be the use of complete or only a part of a song in a television commercial ad. In that case, the commercial’s creators must obtain the composer’s permission. While it is no longer necessary to register with the USA Copyright Office for protection, there are several advantages to doing so. Besides, leaving a public record of the work, The Register of works made in the USA. It is necessary in order to be able to file a complaint about infringement of copyright. The registration process can start at any time while copyright is in force.

Justified use is a notable exception that should be highlighted and circumvents the permit demand. Generally, legitimate use permits the usage of copyrighted material for defined purposes, for example, to comment, criticize or parody it. An example may be to quote the lyrics of a song in a music review or the use Weird Al Yankovic can make of another artist’s music to create a parody.

Contractual negotiations

Arrangements in the entertainment industry, very often contain provisions relating to the representation of the agent, the record labels, licenses, agreements or guarantees proposed, the royalties and payments, and the terms of employment, among others. In many occasions, eager celebrities risk of being exploited by film and television producers by including irrational contractual clauses. Therefore, it would be best for a lawyer specializing in entertainment law to review the contracts before you sign it.

In case one of the parties fails to comply with an entertainment contract, a lawyer specializing in the subject can negotiate to resolve the dispute. In the event of failure to reach an agreement, counsel, experienced in litigation, may arrange and fill a breach of contract claim in the relevant case or federal court.


More people who work regarding the entertainment industry are considered as public people, but that’s not always a case. The sector can employ a large number of people who work behind the scenes. These employees may be paid for their work or not, but most have protection by many employment laws which guarantee their rights to improve their working conditions and to organize, for example, in trade unions, or to work individually, on their own. In many cases, the artists who are underage, are protected by many employment laws that restrict the type of role they can perform and the duration of their ability to work.

With other occupations, the ones who work in the entertainment industry can claim before the Commission for Equal Opportunities in federal Employment or the state agency that is appropriate in the act of responding leading to an act of discrimination in the workplace, sexual harassment and different types of unlawful conduct.

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